Monday, July 17, 2017

What Do I Snack On ...?

Well, funny you should mention that I eat 3-4x a day ( under 3,100 cals) & I Snack on different varieties of snacks.

This is an protein bar ! Very tasty. Is is artificial, I have to say it doesn't taste too bad for 12 grams of protein !!! SCORE : ) You can find these at Target, Walmart or your closest Costcos! 
Veggie chips !! I love veggie chips wether they are puffs or 
Like these !! The straws type veggie chips. They come in zesty ranch flavor too! It's so yummy to have while sitting watching Netflix. 

Granola !! Oo, these are so good as cereal or in yogurt. Vanilla ice-cream and this sprinkled on top is great too:) 
Chex Mix !! I love Chex mix . So great to eat with a side of string cheese or maybe some cranberry juice . I love snacking !

Thank you for the -unknown- person who asked for me to share what I snack on , I enjoy sharing with whomever sees this !
I do not necessarily do healthy snacking 24/7 but my family do not have bags of Lays Chips lying around in the pantry. There's usually bananas, yogurt in the fridge or bags of veggie chips in the pantry :)
xox-Diana Le (aka. Hello Di)

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